Saturday, September 14, 2013


We've been working hard getting this house ready for our new baby boy. The first thing we did was move the girls into the room that previously was the playroom. 

It was so fun for me to buy them new beds. But they each chose the bedding they wanted--Sofia wanted horses; Ana wanted owls. Luckily, they coordinated. All the pink furniture is the same we bought for Sofia's nursery back before she was even born. 

In order for their room to mot be overwhelmed with toys we thought hard about what their interests currently are. They both like to play dress up so they have a little corner of their closet where they can reach all their shoes, purses and princess dresses. They also both spend hours drawing, coloring and cutting and pasting, so they have their own little art station now with the beautiful painting Emi gave Sofia to serve as inspiration. We got them a new table to work on and chairs in Sofia's favorite color--green. 

Ana really enjoys playing with Little People, baby dolls and dressing up her Build-a-Bears, so we dedicated two lower shelves to those. And Sofia loves her toy horses and making Lego creations so she has dedicated shelves for those things. 

We also made them a little personal station for getting ready with a mirror, a coat rack for their sweaters, and a little chair next to a basket full of the shoes they wear most regularly. In order to build their independence it was important for us that everything they need for taking care of themselves is within their reach. 

I'm still on the lookout for some artwork above their beds and some wall shelves for their breakables and collectibles, but we're at a good stopping point until after the baby comes. 

I've been really proud of how clean they've kept it and it seems like the organizational aspects we put in place are functioning. We've also been pleasantly surprised with how well Ana transitioned into her "big girl bed". I think she was ready for the independence and she loves ushering Dan and I to the door after prayers and tucking herself in. "I do it myshelfs," she likes to say!

After the girls were all settled it was time to get the baby's room ready. I've been collecting lots of things over the months so it was fun to finally put it all together. And on our last trip to the baby store to pick up the infant carseat Dan spotted the cutest airplane mobile and we had to get it. 

We love that this room has so much space for baby Mayor to move around in and play. And we're certain he'll be joined by his two doting sisters so all three will have lots of space. We already find Ana in there rummaging through baby toys and Sofia practicing her cartwheels so we're looking forward to the days when the baby boy will crawling around after his big sisters. 

Again, I'm still on the hunt for some artwork and decoration for the walls but all of the important pieces are in place and we're ready for him to come soon. 
We can't wait!

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