Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Fall!

Love to all from our little pumpkin!
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Jake is here!!!

Meet Sofia's newest cousin. We're so happy to welcome Jacob Franklin Mayor to the world! He was born on Thursday, October 23rd at 4:49 pm. He was 6 lbs. 7 oz. and as cute as can be! Julie is doing great and I know David and Matthew are very happy. I can't wait to meet him. We'll be visiting on Halloween and Sofia and I will stay the rest of the week getting to know our newest little guy!

God has blessed our family yet again! I know Mom is smiling down from Heaven!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Baby Sofia

Sofia spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's on Friday. I love this one above of her on the swing. She's such a happy girl! Here's another shot of her eating her favorite little biscuit. We love those things too - they keep her occupied!

Last weekend was St. John Vianney's Fall Bazaar. It's the church where Dan grew up and his mom works the plant booth every year so we went for the afternoon. We had a good time. These are some of the pics we took that day...

Here are some pictures we took today while we were getting Sofia dressed. She was being so funny. She's all over the place these days - she loves to sing and talk and explore her world. She's really so much fun!

I love her smile in this next one... she just melts my heart!

... and here she is (finally) dressed!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's been too long

Beware! This is a marathon blog entry!!!

So, I know I've really been slacking on the blog. But lucky for you, I haven't really been slacking on taking pictures of Baby Sofs. This very well may be the longest blog ever - so much has happened!

As most of you know Hurricane Ike came through on Sept 12. Luckily we all fared well with no significant damage to the house. It was pretty scary and we lost power for six days but besides it being a major inconvenience we were just fine.

The day after we got power Sofia decided she was through with scooting backwards and that she'd really prefer to crawl! Jax was a major motivator for her - she really liked going after his tail.

The same day she started crawling she reached for the coffee table and pulled herself right up! It was almost too much for Dan; it was as if his little baby grew before his very eyes.

The very next day I put my finger in her mouth and, lo and behold, she had cut her first tooth! I'm not even kidding, I almost cried! Since then another little tooth has come in right next to it. They're on the bottom gums - so cute!

So, needless to say, Sofia's really turned a corner. She's so much fun, always happy, and really doing well. She's a bit more of a handful now that she's mobile but it's really amazing to watch her explore her world.

General Cuteness from September

She's become very independent and loves to feed herself her bottle.

Here she is standing in her crib - we ended up lowering it that day!

This is how she "hangs" in her highchair. It's like she's too cool!

A Day at Lindsey's
My friend Lindsey was nice enough to watch Sofia for us one afternoon. She has her own little guy, Isaiah, so they had fun playing daycare! Especially since they had another baby friend come to visit. The other babies were 3 and 5 months so they're still in that glorious stay-in-the-same-spot stage of their lives. I think Sofia gave them a run for their money.

Obviously not missing Mommy, haha!

Sofia attacking poor helpless Isaiah - already a maneater at such a young age!

General Cuteness from October

October has been fun too...

Jax and Sofia
Here's some shots of Sofia going after Jax. She especially loves his tail but as you can see here she's just as fond of his nose. He's so sweet and gentle with her - he's a great dog.

There's Something About Sofie
Sofia woke up from a nap with the with a really funny case of bed-head. We couldn't stop laughing!

Dallas Trip
Just last weekend we went to Dallas for a quick, super-busy trip. Dan and my brother, David ran the Delaney Vineyards 5K in the morning so Sofia, Papi and I went to cheer them on. That afternoon Emi, Julie and I threw Emily a Bridal Shower and then that evening Julie had a casual dinner with her friends to celebrate the new baby who will be here October 24, if not sooner! (Hopefully we'll talk her into making a blog for Sofia's Mayor cousins!) I didn't get to take any photos at Emily's shower but here's one of Julie and her friends. Julie (far left) looks so beautiful and happy! We can't wait to meet baby Jake!

Delaney Vineyards 5K

Dan nearing the Finish Line

David coming in for the finish

David and Dan in front of the vineyard

the Stud shot

Doesn't David look great?

Her shirt says, "Daddy Is My Hero"

With her Bobo, who she has so much fun with

This was her first time to sit in grass - it was a strange sensation for her

Grass tastes funny

Our Neighborhood Park

We've started taking Sofia to the park here in the Heights. She loves to swing.

Sofia liked sitting in grass better the second time

Our happy girl...

... full of smiles!

On the swings

Grandma and Grandpa - Finally!
Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit on Wednesday. We were so happy because it had almost been a month! Hurricane Ike got in the way and then they were away on vacation for quite awhile. Sofia missed them but was happy they came to visit.

Saturday at Discovery Green

My friend and I took the kids to a Gymboree class at the Discovery Green Park downtown. The kids had a lot of fun and we got to catch up and have adult conversation! It was a beautiful day - I love October - the weather is always so nice.

It's nice that Sofia's getting around enough to really enjoy outings like this.

Cutie Noah hanging on the bars

More General Cuteness

Playing with my new toy Tio Louis gave me - thanks Tio!

She just kept staring at me the other day after our walk with this sweet smile - even long enough for me to take the camera out and snap the pic. She's such a sweetie!

Emptying out one of her toy baskets - she loves to play in her room these days

She loves to eat bananas through these messy mesh bag thingies

Her first trick - she loves to feed things to Daddy - no matter what she's got in her mouth, be it a her pacifier or the gross mesh bag of bananas!