Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember Us?

As a family we are slowly recuperating. Slowly healing after an overwhelming loss. Slowly feeling better after an exhausting and sickly first trimester. Slowly getting back to a life we recognize.

I stepped away from our family chronicle, this blog, to take care of myself and my family. But thankfully I did not step away from the camera. I have months of memories to share.

Sofia has grown so much in these past long months. She has welcomed a "so tiny," as she refers to her, baby cousin. She knows where her Grandpa is and she knows that he feels better. She has spent lots of time with Grandma, reminding her to smile. She has learned her first curse word. It was "damnit" in case you're wondering, but luckily the thrill of saying it has gone. She vacationed in South Padre with her Tia Sara and Tio Kevin; her third visit to their beautiful beach home. She took her first swim lesson at the YMCA. She, without much fanfare, gave up her beloved paci. She visited my OB and listened to the new baby's heartbeat with us for the first time. She has been to her first movie, Toy Story 3, where she sat in awe eating popcorn. She rode on a camel named Isaac with Emi and Matthew at the Dallas Zoo. She bonded with all her cousins this summer. But more than anything she's made us laugh. She's becoming her own person and her personality, which is funny, selectively sweet, kind and thoughtful, has really been on display.

She is, above all, a joy and we love her.

I have a lot of work to do in uploading months of photos to our computer with the intention of sharing them here along with the stories of our family. While I get to work doing just that I leave you with a serenade of Sofia's current favorites.

And if you liked that, here's some more... as long as she's not too busy!