Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love this kid!

The best way to describe her is that she loves to have fun. 

We love her when she's eating her "schmell my stinky feet!" feet. What I didn't capture is her licking the bottoms of them. And seriously, they smell. 

We love her when she's using daddy's shades to block the morning sun.

We love her at Menchies. This is what eating ice cream with Ana is like. Happy girl before:

Obsessed girl during:

And messy girl after: Here she is being dainty with that little pointer finger. I had to stop her when she was rubbing the leftover melted stuff on her arms like lotion. She thinks she's hilarious. Well, mostly she is. 

And we love her when she makes unusual discoveries. This photo doesn't quite capture how much fun she had when she discovered in the Wonderwild bathroom that maybe the hand dryer isn't only for hands. Feel the power, Ana B!

We're loving these days with our Crazy AB!

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