Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ana Mercedes Coussirat, seven months

It seems a lifetime since I've updated this blog regularly. Actually, quite literally a lifetime - Ana's. I've posted a few pics here and there but I've really neglected updating and I feel terribly guilty for it.

Sweet Crazy Ana has added so much joy and laughter to our lives and I've failed to mark it all down. So, let me tell you a bit of what I know about this girl.

1. She's crazy.

This may not be a fair statement since I have no photographic or video proof but I swear it's true. She's crazy and we love it. She will be perfectly calm one minute and the next she's screaming and grunting and flailing like a crazy baby. She loves life - that is for sure!

2. She loves to laugh. And anyone can make her smile.

3. Her tongue is always sticking out.

4. She loves her Big Sis - she spends entire car rides with her head raised so she can lean over and see Sofia.

5. She's positively precious.

My sweet Ana Banana - Ana B.,
Your big Sis started school last week and I now have the joy of spending quality alone time with you. I am so happy to have some uninterrupted hours of the day to focus on you. You're getting so big so fast and I just want to enjoy this fleeting time of your life. I so love holding you tight in my arms - you are a cuddly thing - kissing your cheeks a million times and making you laugh. You are such a sweet baby and your mommy and daddy love you oh so much!

And for the rest of us reading this I promise more pictures and better updates! Love, Angie