Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Special Sofia

These days things have pretty much revolved around little Ana. And although Sofia shows no signs of resentment or jealousy we still try to make some special time for her.

One day Dan stayed home with Ana while Sofia and I went to get a Mommy-Daughter mani-pedi. It was her first time and she was so cute.

The lady cut her nails and painted them the perfect pink which Sofia picked out herself. They even painted a little flower on her big toe nails. She loved it!

Another day we told Sofia she could chose an activity of her choice and it was the cutest answer. She said she wanted to go on a date. It must be because she knows sometimes Dan and I go on "dates" and she stays with Grandma. So we agreed, we would go on a Family Date. We threw out some options and her pick was to go to the Galleria and jump on the "jumpy thing." She has been itching to jump on the bungee trampoline there for quite some time. They'll strap on anyone who weighs more than 20 pounds but we decided that she is old enough now to try it out.

It was amazing. She had no fear whatsoever. Not even shyness with all these people watching her. She loved it and did great! If you listen, you can hear her screaming, "Whoa! Woohoo!" It was fun to watch her be so fearless and have so much fun but I think I was more nervous than she was. No matter though, she did great!

Ana wasn't worried though. She slept through the whole thing,

while her sister soared up high.

Then we went to dinner at "The Jungle," which is what Sofia calls the Rainforest Cafe. It was a really great Family Date!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Sofia had a little party at her new school this year. I had hoped to do the same Sucker Valentine that we had done for her last year but this Mommy couldn't muster up the energy for a photo shoot. Actually, taking the picture would have been easier than doing Sofia's hair and making her look presentable.

So instead we decided on a craft project. I drew the Valentine and Sofia water colored them. It made for a nice little activity for us. Even though I had to draw some of these with a screaming baby in my arms we made it work and Sofia was so proud of her artwork. And then we tied heart-shaped suckers to each little card.

Once she got home from school she was so excited about her Valentine's box and couldn't wait to open up all the little treats from her friends.

But not before showing it off to Daddy and baby A!

She's Growing

Just like a plant, if you water babies enough they'll grow. So it's a good thing Sofia has her watering can.

Sofia loves her little sister more than I could have imagined. She's so sweet with her and Dan and I love watching them together.

And now that she's filling out it's also been fun to put Ana in clothes that I vividly remember Sofia wearing. Sofia wore this little striped number on her first outing with us to Onion Creek. And now it's Ana's turn to wear it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nap Time

Sofia knows Mom and Dad sometimes just can't help but fall asleep when we have pure sweetness in our arms.

And since she loves to do what we do she has begged to nap with her sweet baby sister. And since we all know that can't happen she's then begged to "pretend to nap" with her sweet baby sister. So, of course I couldn't resist... Here are some shots of Sofia and Ana "napping."