Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

In June Sofia's little friend Isaiah celebrated his second birthday and since we would be out of town for his party we decided to meet up at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the day before.

I had been feeling a little crafty and since Isaiah is all about Mickey Mouse I made him a little bag with his initial 'I' on it but gave it a bit of Mickey flair.

Sofia was very excited to give it to him.

He thanked her with a sweet hug, and while they looked on at his baby sister, Evie, we joked that they looked like loving parents admiring their baby.

But when he went in for the kiss we really felt like we were chaperoning a first date! They had so much fun.

Sofia also loved feeding the Ticket Monster

and especially loved her Mickey party favors.

It was sort of bittersweet because Lindsey and Nathan were moving to Tyler, Texas soon. Lindsey, our other friend Bobby and I had grown so close over the past couple of years over our weekly girl's lunches. We were there for each other when our bosses or husbands annoyed us, when we dealt with all things pregnancy and all things baby, we bought each other presents and never judged when we ate one too many pieces of bread at Collina's. It's November now and we miss Lindsey and her sweet kids more than we thought!

So back in June we had one last lunch with everyone, except I think Sofia must have been in daycare because she's not in any of the pictures. But Isaiah sure loved the Chick-fil-a cow

and I loved seeing these two sweet babies!

Baby's First Manicure

Back in June Sofia had noticed when my nails had been painted so we decided she was ready for her own little pedicure. Pink little nails for our sweet little girl.