Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!!!

I have much to share (trips to Dallas, birthday parties, and visits with cousins) but not enough time.

So, until then enjoy this picture of Sofia enjoying cake at Matthew's 5th birthday party last weekend. The joy was perfectly captured!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

General Cuteness, July Edition

Louis came to visit a couple of weekends ago and at some point, as toddlers tend to do, Sofia whined and cried over God knows what. Louis was disappointed.

"I want to see Blog-Sofia," he lamented.

Not to worry. She warmed up to him and Blog Sofia made an appearance before too long.

So in honor of Louis, here are a few moments in general cuteness. Brought to you by Blog Sofia...

Summer Fun
While he was in town we took Louis to our friends, Mel's and Dee's house for a little burger cook out. We love to hang out there. Besides the good company we would say it's because the backyard is beautiful, the drinks flow and the food is always fantastic. Sofia would say it's because they keep a kiddie pool for her outside and there are plenty of berries to eat and puppies to chase.

Daddy tried to keep her hat on but finally gave up. Here she tries to keep it up but that doesn't work too well - so she decides to taste the water instead.

It seems Dee confused Sofia with one of her plants. Sofia loved it - she kept saying it was "wainie," or raining, and "wawa" is one of her favorite things to play with ... and drink. Poor thing is probably confused because she drinks water from a sippy cup all the time but Mommy gets grossed out when she drinks bathwater or poolwater or oceanwater!

Bye bye!
One of the cute things Sofia does of late is to take Mommy's purse and walk around the house saying, "bye" or "let's go."

This time she found a set of keys. Seems she's paying attention. She know where the keys are kept by the front door and loves to look for them ...

and knows what to do with them!

Jax + Sofia = Friends Forever
Sofia's also discovered where we keep Jax's leash. Poor Jax. Everytime she pulls it out he gets so excited. Needless to say we've been taking Jax on more walks these days. They both love to go outside, even in 100 degree weather. Freaks.

One for me. One for you.
We left a small bag of SunChips out on the coffee table the other day. Sofia found them (after eating a full dinner) and we found her wandering the house with them. Seems Jax wanted a piece of the action too.

Look, Ma! I'm sharing!

One for me...

and one for you!

Our Happy Comedian
You know when you have one of those moments that is so great and impulsive and entertaining and you feel so lucky to capture it on video? Well, that isn't what happened to us. The camera wasn't rolling but since I had the camera right there we tried to recreate it. It's still cute but I have to say, the original was better.

We were sitting on the couch and Sofia was wandering around the living room. Daddy belted out "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," Sofia's favorite song, and she did the cutest little waddle-y dance. Then suddenly at the end of the song she very quickly laid herself on the ground and went, "night, night!"

We laughed so hard. And then made her do it again. Here's the choreographed version...

Fun With Grandma & Grandpa
As most of you know I was out of commission for a few days recovering from a minor surgery. While Dan was at work over the weekend Sofia got to spend some time with Grandma & Grandpa and I got to get some rest! Here are some pics Grandma sent over of bathtime.

But first this one because I think she looks so beautiful. As you'll notice Grandma & Grandpa have lots of ducks around the house. Here Sofia's holding one of her favorite ducks. Grandma says she likes it the best and walks all over the house with duck in hand.

Bathtime - As you know from a previous post, Sofia loves her books. Even in the bathtub!

I love this last picture too because it captures her love for towels. Yes, I wrote towels. It's sort of strange but she spends so much time laying them flat on the ground and straightening all the corners. The only problem is she gets so frustrated when she doesn't get the towel perfectly straight. Dan's hoping this isn't the beginning of early onset OCD! It's actually pretty cute. She also loves to help Mommy put clothes in the washer and / or the dryer. Maybe she's beginning an early love for doing laundry and folding clothes. Hopefully by three I can let her take over laundry duty! Ya think?